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scribble short fiction contest winner an

Editor's Note

Happy New Year and may all the good dreams you dream for 2020 come true.

We are pleased to present another raft of exceptional short fiction and are happy to announce the winner and the runners up of our first short fiction contest for beginning and emerging writers.


Anthony Alas' Chepe y Pepe gives us a love story staged in grief.

The stunningly beautiful magic realism piece, Total Solar Eclipse, by Hina Rani, pitches the wonders of a mother trying to sacrifice her familiars to accommodate her new daughter.


Third Night , by Jeff Burd, leads us on a short, unexpected journey through a secret domestic landscape.

And, in Any Species of Joy, our contest winner, E. A. Fowler, presents a perfectly-rendered piece about a woman who hitches a ride with a mysterious traveler. 

Congratulations to E. A. Fowler and to our contest runners up:  Mary Chris Bailey, Marcella Hunyadi, Jawziya Zamen, John Higgins, and Sarah Unger.

Thank you to all who participated, and a special thanks to our guest judge, David Anson, Professor or Language and Literature, who had an agonizing time choosing a winner.


Enjoy this fresh edition of Scribble, and, as always, thank you for reading. 

Jae Worthy Johnson





Chepe y Pepe

Anthony Alas

Total Solar Eclipse

Hina Rani

Third Night

Jeff Burd

Any Species of Joy

E. A. Fowler


Anthony Alas is a three-time published author. His works have appeared in the Pacific Review and Azahares Magazine. After several years in New York City, Mr. Alas now calls California’s Inland Empire home, again.

Hina Rani is a writer in a loose sense of the word. Aside from producing the occasional short story, her interests include loud music, ghost stories, and engaging in general tomfoolery. Find her on twitter @snooperisms.

Jeff Burd is either writing, thinking about writing, or worried about not writing, or thinking about writing. This is the life he's chosen. Follow him on Twitter: @WriteyB.

E. A. Fowler currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. She has been writing fiction for many years but has only recently started submitting, and her writing has appeared in Lucent Dreaming Magazine, Storgy Online and the Cabinet of Heed. She is absolutely thrilled to have won Scribble's first competition for beginning and emerging writers.

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