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For the Love of Green

Sarah Unger

The Bridge

Rebecca Cyr

The Table

Will Hearn

In the Shadow of the Dunes

Justice McPherson

Editor's Note

Without care and maintenance, structures collapse, whether they be physical structures like roads and bridges, emotional structures like relationships, or the mental structure of one's own sanity or sense of self. This small collection of pieces takes us down pathways to ruins big and small.

A startling debut from Sarah Unger called For the Love of Green follows a college student's pretty road to oblivion.


Rebecca Cyr's cinematic gem, The Bridge, mourns the crumbling of infrastructure that has nothing to do with steel.

Will Hearn's The Table  asks if a marriage is worth "keeping up," but no one is listening.

Finally, Justice McPherson presents a man lost and slipping on sandy foundation In The Shadow of the Dunes.


Enjoy, and, as always, thank you for reading. 

Jae Worthy Johnson




Sarah Unger is an astronomer by day and a writer by night, though the two are interchangeable. This is her first publication.

Rebecca Cyr is from Seattle, WA and currently attends Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR. Her work has appeared in Prism and The International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities.

Will Hearn grew up in Mississippi and after five years out West now lives on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. His fiction has appeared in Visitant Literature, Boiler Journal, and soon forthcoming in Louisiana Literature, among others. He is a full-time firefighter and story writer. He's on Instagram and Twitter @will__hearn.

Justice McPherson received a B.A. in Creative Writing from Syracuse University. A Stephen F. Crane finalist, his work has appeared in the HCE Review, Your Impossible Voice, Underwood Press, and Zimbell House Publishing.

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