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Editor's Note

Greetings and welcome to the latest issue of Scribble.

It's hard to believe we are approaching mid-2021. At the moment, it seems we occupy the pre-dawn space between loss and hope as we slog out of the COVID-19 pandemic. We aren't completley out of the swamp, but at the end of this year-long tunnel, there is light.

We hope you are faring well and that this fresh collection of shorts transports you to interesting places.

Susan Hettinger explores what happens when the extent of decay goes unseen, in Heart Rot.

Marc Littman's flash piece, Bump on the Noggin, manages to hand out a raft of warnings in a very small space.

In 52,486 BC, nascent tribes clash in Magho, by Steve Legomsky.

In I Hope You're Happy Now, by Michael Giddings, a guy yearns in Brooklyn.

Lastly, if you've ever wondered what became of The Zodiac Killer, Shrimp Night, by Phillip Sherrod offers one possibe answer.


Until Soon,


Jae Johnson





Heart Rot

Susan Hettinger

Bump on the Noggin

Marc Littman


Steve Legomsky

I Hope You're Happy Now

Michael Giddings

Shrimp Night

Phillip Sherrod

Michael Giddings is a writer, cartoonist, and musician from Brooklyn. His recent work can be found in HASH Journal, and is forthcoming in Pidgeonholes and Reservoir Road Literary Review. He is currently at work on a novel.

Twitter: @mikexgiddings

Phillip Sherrod is an emerging writer whose fiction and nonfiction have appeared in a handful of journals. He graduated from the University of Arkansas Little Rock and lives in the South.

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