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Bump on the Noggin

While sleeping, Stacy bumped her dim-witted husband, Todd, on his noggin.

      “I say, Luv, that hurts. I see stars!” Todd exclaimed in a cockney accent, which surprised Stacy because they were both thick drawled Texans.

       Stacy considered cause and effect and bumped Todd’s head harder which prompted a  response in a romantic French lilt. Stacy figured if she rattled Todd’s brain a tad more, she’d finally have the man she desired, a suave Italian prince who would charm her with wit and intellect.

      But this time when Stacy struck, none of Todd’s incarnations awoke, not even the simpleton she married.

Marc Littman's flash fiction has been widely published from 50-Word Stories to The Saturday Evening Post. He also writes novels and plays.

scribble page heading may 2021.png
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