The Rapture

Craig Deutsche

Airplane Mode

Alessandra Olivieri


Geoffrey Carter

The Family Hanged

Paul Vivian

Editor's Note

Happy New Year!

We hope all is well, and we thank you for reading Scribble. This edition is filled with what we think are perfect stories, and we are so proud to publish two debut pieces by emerging writers.

In The Rapture by Craig Deutsche, the end of the world comes with custom food and beverages and a distinctly American optimism.

Alessandra Olivieri's poetic first published piece, Airplane Mode, captures the dreadful turning point in the life of a family.

Olympus, by Geoffrey Carter, depicts a sweet and triumphant night between two boys as they clutch the last day of summer.

And  in The Family Hanged, Paul Vivian's first published piece, a man takes up space...and that is all.

You will enjoy these magnificent pieces.

Until Soon,


Jae Johnson