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Before the Ark

Katherine DeGilio

Xest Foods

Robert McDonald

The Rescue

Mary Hickey

The Ceremony

Herb Zarov

Editor's Note

Greetings! As we approach Election Day in the United States, we find ourselves dealing with divides that seem impossible to bridge. In the stories presented in this issue, we also see divides. It remains to be seen if they are temporary or fatally permanent. I won't give it away.

But what can be said is that these pieces are not only beautifully-written, but insightful--whether it's a fable on the ever-looming danger of climate change; a traditional Native's unexpected affect on a young Native's consciousness; a class divide that causes profound confusion; or a father's confrontation with his daughter's strange ritual. These stories are not only a joy to read; they get under your skin.

Enjoy. Vote. Wear a mask.


Jae Worthy Johnson




Katherine DeGilio is a writer, literary agent intern, and optimist. Her work can be found in Third Wednesday and Fifty Word Stories, among others. She loves connecting with her readers and encourages them to reach out on Twitter: @katiedegilio.

Robert McDonald  is a public relations professional for a tribal government in Montana. He lives in Polson with his wife and family.

Mary Hickey is an internationally known backgammon champion, teacher and author. Her literary fiction has appeared in The Griffin, Happy, Kalliope, and other publications. She takes breaks from writing to ponder what she might be when she grows up.

Herb Zarov has published stories in and The Great Lakes Review and has been short listed in the Pinch 2020 Literary Awards competition and has written articles ranging from John Milton's political rhetoric to developments in American tort law.

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