Falling Off a Cliff Holding Hands

Alexandra Duprey

DK, Inc.

Oscar Rodriguez

The Day the Borrowmans Killed Each Other

Shay Galloway

Catch and Release

Natasha Heller

The Ring

Thomas Jacobs

Editor's Note

Greetings! This month marks the beginning of Scribble's third year. Thank you so much for reading, subscribing and submitting. We are proud of our collection of short stories thus far and happy to include the five pieces in this issue​.

Alexandra Duprey gives us a stunning piece of magical realism set in Florida: Falling Off a Cliff Holding Hands.

DK, Inc. is an enjoyable piece by Oscar Rodriguez that features the heavy-duty shenanigans of some teenage boys.

The Day the Borrowmans Killed Each Other, by Shay Galloway, is a whimsical take on a volitile marriage that includes a whole town.

In the lovely Catch and Release, by Natasha Heller, a woman deals with the absence of her soldier husband.

Finally, the perfect, The Ring, by Thomas Jacobs, follows a husband and father as he finds and protects a special act of love, all the while treating us to a colorful community of immigrants living in Brooklyn, NY.

Enjoy these five, riveting short pieces, and, as always, thank you for reading.

(Wear a mask)

Jae Johnson