The Land of Opportunity Welcomes All

Jared Lemus

An Angelic Visitation

Ryan Diaz


Robert Penick

Free Fall

Sarah Unger

Bunny's Inheritance

John Higgins

Editor's Note

Greetings. I hope this new edition of Scribble finds you well, keeping safe, and mostly sane. I say "mostly" sane, because , world-wide, all of us are trying to resist a marauding, invisible enemy, a pathogen that isn't yet fully understood, a disease that is no respecter of persons, one that has already taken so much. This surreal situation we find ourselves in is not easy to bear.

It isn't the first time the planet has experienced a pandemic of this magnitude. We know that it will eventually end. We know that life goes on.

But, this is all very stressful, to say the least.

One thing I realized during my lockdown is how important art is for my mental and emotional well-being. The Arts are essential among life's essentials.

Thank you to all who continue to create. I need you. We need you.

Enjoy these five, riveting short pieces, and, as always, thank you for reading.

(Wear a mask)

Jae Johnson