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I Dream of Jenny

Joe Kowalski


Jawziya F. Zaman

Wedding Anniversary Gift List

(A Modern Revision for Dating Couples

Beth Manca

No Way of Knowing

Stela Dujakovic

Editor's Note

Greetings from a bunker in an undisclosed location. Not really. Greetings from my kitchen table where Zoom video conferencing and two adorable puppies  are constant companions.

As I sit here, I'm grateful for writing, reading, and the stories that make their way into our Submittable in-box.

This month is all about HER, whether it be fully knowing her, wanting so badly to know her, NOT wanting to know her, or not knowing her AT ALL.

Enjoy the dream-like quality and remarkable lyricism of this crop of pieces. Something tells me you might have a little time to do so.

And it is our grandest wish that you stay safe and well during this global pandemic. Thank you so much for reading.


Jae Worthy Johnson




Joe Kowalski has been published in bioStories and The Del Sol Review. His adaptation of I Am the Doorway was given the blessing of Stephen King. Joe can be found on Twitter @PogieJoe.

Jawziya F. Zaman  is a lawyer based in Karachi, Pakistan. She tweets at @reracinated."

Beth Manca is a Latin teacher living outside of Boston. Her work has apprared in the online literary magazinie Carve.

Stela Dujakovic is a university teacher and humanities scholar at Paderborn University in Germany, where she's exploring the magnificent world of old white men in American literature as part of her dissertation project. She is a prose editor for New York-based literary magazine Inklette and has published short fiction and non-fiction in Truthout, Resist!, The Write Launch, and the Free Library of the Internet Void.

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