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Editor's Note


The 6th edition of Scribble is here, just in time for the season of light reading. Although the six pieces featured are very different, they each offer amusement and an unexpected twist.

A snowbound pair of brothers run out of time in the western Thicker Than a Sliver, by Evan James Sheldon.

On an unusual night, a couple's true selves are revealed in Nightlight, by Julieanna Blackwell.


Jose Enrique Medina gives us a clever micro piece on the hazards of a stranger's kindness in The Eighth Arm.

Riley Paul's debut piece, What Happens in Wood Hill, gives us a glimpse into a weird little town.


In V Day, a debut piece by Julia McNamara, a long-suffering woman finds the perfect man.

And, finally, in Michael Hendricks' remarkable debut,VYK, we meet a gym trainer who takes his job a bit too seriously. Well, maybe more than a bit.

We hope you enjoy these pieces as much as we do. And, check out our new multimedia page which features audio narration of Evan James Sheldon's Thicker Than a Sliver and a video expression of Jose Enrique Medina's The Eighth Arm.

Thank you for reading.

Jae Worthy Johnson




Thicker Than A Sliver

Evan James Sheldon



Julieanna Blackwell


The Eighth Arm

Jose Enrique Medina



Evan James Sheldon's work has appeared in CHEAP POP, Ghost City Review, Pithead Chapel, and Roanoke Review, among others. He is an Assistant Editor for F(r)iction and an Outreach Assistant for Brink Literary Project.

Julieanna Blackwell’s stories have appeared in several publications including Lunch Ticket, Thrice Fiction Magazine, and Ragazine CC. Her work is a regular feature in SCENE Magazine’s yearly beach read issues. A native Chicagoan, she lives in Florida.

José Enrique Medina earned his BA in English from Cornell University. He writes poems, short stories and novels. His work has appeared in The Burnside Review, Reed Magazine, American Writers Review, and other publications. He is a VONA (Voice of Our Nation) POC fellow.

Riley Paul is a new writer based out of New York City. He works mostly in short fiction and spends his free time singing, scootering, and looking for magic in the mundane. This is his first published piece.

Julia McNamara is a truth-seeker and a Mum, which is basically the same thing. A graduate of English and Psychology from University College Cork, Julia lives largely in her head, which can most frequently be found in Southern Ireland. This is her first published piece.

Michael Hendricks is a long-lost Midwesterner who does in fact remain both young and restless. He's currently based in London, working as a jaded journalist and studying for an even more jaded Master's. This is his first published piece. 

What Happens in Wood Hill

Riley Paul


V Day

Julia McNamara



Michael Hendricks

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