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How to Cope When Your Son Eats Paper

Sarah Priscus

A Yizkor for Charlottesville

Sara McKinney

Six O'Clock

Kate Spitzmiller

Penny Saved, Penny Yearned

Christian Gabennesch

Where Have You Gone?

Christine C. Heuner

Editor's Note


It's a joyful experience re-reading accepted submissions shortly before placing them on the page for publication. I remember what the stories are about, because they're the kind that stick with you, but I find that I've forgotten just how well-written they are, how they thoroughly satisfied me the first time around.

These five pieces surprised me with their greatness once again.

Sarah Priscus' quirkily-titled How to Cope When Your Son Eats Paper gives us a small view into the life of a busy mother dealing with her son's unprecedented behavior.


A Yizkor for Charlottesville, by Sara McKinney, depicts a woman feeling the weight of history as she comes face-to-face with irrational fear.

Six O'Clock, written by newly-published author Kate Spitzmiller (we were lucky to snap her up before her first novel went to print!), is a horror story of sorts, featuring a woman and her monster. 

Christian Gabennesch's arresting debut, Penny Saved, Penny Yearned, let's us follow a young woman as she treads through a forest of howls and snapping twigs to some kind of freedom.


Finally, a troubled mother strains to reach her troubled daughter in Christine C. Heuner's beautiful debut, Where Have You Gone?

Thank you for reading.

Jae Worthy Johnson




Sarah Priscus writes in Ottawa, ON, Canada, where she studies English and Theatre at the University of Ottawa. She has previously had fiction and poetry published in The Fulcrum, Likely Red, Luna Luna Magazine, Rookie Mag, Atlas and Alice, and      Every Day Fiction. Follow her on Twitter @sarahpriscus.

Sara McKinney is an Indiana transplant living on the east coast. She has a B.A. in Creative Writing from Kalamazoo College and a foster cat named Virgil. This is her first published piece.

Kate Spitzmiller 's work has appeared in Approaching Footsteps, On Premises, Cleaver Magazine, and Typishly. She has work forthcoming in The Esthestic Apostle, and she is a Pushcart Prize nominee. Her debut novel, Companion of the Ash, was released in December, 2018. Follow her on Twitter @KateSpitzmiller.

Christian Gabennesch is a native of Northern Kentucky. He spends his time writing, drawing, or, more likely, procrastinating. He talks to his cats as if they're people and treats people with a fear and aversion typically reserved for carnivorous, jungle beasts. This is his first published piece.

Christine C. Heuner has been teaching high-school English for 18 years. She lives with her husband, in-laws, and two children in New Jersey. Other than reading and writing, she enjoys spending time with family and exercising before dawn. This is her first published piece. 

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