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How to Cope When Your Son Eats Paper

Sarah Priscus

A Yizkor for Charlottesville

Sara McKinney

Six O'Clock

Kate Spitzmiller

Penny Saved, Penny Yearned

Christian Gabennesch

Where Have You Gone?

Christine C. Heuner

Editor's Note


It's a joyful experience re-reading accepted submissions shortly before placing them on the page for publication. I remember what the stories are about, because they're the kind that stick with you, but I find that I've forgotten just how well-written they are, how they thoroughly satisfied me the first time around.

These five pieces surprised me with their greatness once again.

Sarah Priscus' quirkily-titled How to Cope When Your Son Eats Paper gives us a small view into the life of a busy mother dealing with her son's unprecedented behavior.


A Yizkor for Charlottesville, by Sara McKinney, depicts a woman feeling the weight of history as she comes face-to-face with irrational fear.

Six O'Clock, written by newly-published author Kate Spitzmiller (we were lucky to snap her up before her first novel went to print!), is a horror story of sorts, featuring a woman and her monster. 

Christian Gabennesch's arresting debut, Penny Saved, Penny Yearned, let's us follow a young woman as she treads through a forest of howls and snapping twigs to some kind of freedom.


Finally, a troubled mother strains to reach her troubled daughter in Christine C. Heuner's beautiful debut, Where Have You Gone?

Thank you for reading.

Jae Johnson