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Editor's Note


Happy 2019 and welcome to the third edition of Scribble.


The featured gems in this issue deftly display less-than-shiny facets of the current American zeitgeist.

Native to North America, by Cavin Gonzalez, follows a millennial's retreat from the gaslit American Dream.

JP Sortland's Pop humorously illustrates the bizarre lengths tribalism takes in a small town.

Finally, Tyler Phelps gives us The Madonna Under the Willow, a re-imagining of the Immaculate Conception. This piece takes #MeToo to an epic level.


Thank you for reading. Enjoy!

Jae Worthy Johnson



Native to North America

Cavin Gonzalez


JP Sortland

The Madonna Under the Willow

Tyler Phelps



Cavin Gonzalez is a twenty-one year old graduate from the University of Central Florida. He is the prose editor for SOFT CARTEL and book reviewer for Pidgeon Holes. Twitter: @CavinBGonzalez

JP Sortland most recently has been published in Up North Lit, Poached Hare, and X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine. He lives and writes in Brooklyn. Website:  Instagram: Twitter:

Tyler Phelps is a writer, teacher, and musician from Madison, WI. He won The Gravity of the Thing’s 2016 Six Word Story Contest. his work has appeared in Writespace, the IPRC’s 1001 Journal, and in Arq Press.

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