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Editor's Note

Sometimes life is crystal—multi-faceted yet clear and sure. You know who you are. You see others plainly. You’re on the right road. Sometimes life is mud—thick, viscous, opaque. You’re stuck. You don’t know yourself or anyone else. You took a wrong turn, and you’re lost, missing.

Whether your life is crystal or mud right now, this edition of Scribble has something for you.

On the crystal side is Gabrielle Coloma’s debut Glass Refractions which portrays the revealing and concealing power of windows. There’s also Matt Bender’s quirkily titled To Know Me Is to ________ which features a man offering a compelling and humorous personal manifesto to his unborn child.

On the mud side is Matthew Talamini’s debut You See This All the Time in Providence. In this story, life has become as murky as the waters underneath a Providence, Rhode Island bridge. Finally, in the delightful nightmare, Smoke + Coffee, by Glenn Dungan, a young man takes a wrong, irrevocable turn.

Welcome to the second edition of Scribble.

Jae Worthy Johnson




You See This All the Time in Providence

Matthew Talamini

To Know Me is to _____

Matt Bender

Glass Refractions

Gabrielle Coloma

Smoke + Coffee

Glenn Dungan


Matthew Talamini is a writer, web developer, long-distance runner and musician. He lives in an underwater labyrinth just south of Providence, Rhode Island, and has an MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University. Visit him at

Matt Bender is the former host of the online FreeSongProject and currently teaches American Lit to bright young 11th graders in Guangzhou, China - home of dim sum and the Cantonese language.

Gabrielle Coloma is a fourth year English major at Yale. An on-and-off-again minimalist, she spends quite a bit of her time puzzling through the impulse to collect. She likes thinking in collage. This is her first time submitting work for publication.

Glenn Dungan lives in Brooklyn, New York City. A traveling nomad, he plans to have as bizarre a life as possible. When relaxing, he can be found people watching, drinking black coffee, and pondering the hard questions. He likes to believe he has an eye for the absurd and surreal. 

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