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Editor's Note

Greetings and welcome to the latest issue of Scribble.

As usual, we have a great group of short stories for you to enjoy, all of which use language in unique and pleasing ways, and all of which seem to ask the question 'what will it take to make things better?'

In The Three Second Rule, by Stephen Campbell, a routine day in the life of a couple takes an unexpected turn.

Mixed Feelings, by CJ Reed, features a man literally haunted by the ghost of Jim Crow.

In Tim Jones' Happy Yellow, relentless rain drums out a partner's quiet plea.

An in-over-his-head gambler waits for his chance to score in The First Spark by Bryan Starchman.

And Jerry Buys a Chair, by Chloe Alexandra, gives us a woman who finds her life redeemed in an unlikely place.

Enjoy these great pieces.

Until Soon,


Jae Johnson





The Three Second Rule

Stephen Campbell

Mixed Feelings

CJ Reed

Happy Yellow

Tim Jones

The First Spark

Bryan Starchman

Jerry Buys a Chair

Chloe Alexandra

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