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An unlikely hero, an imperceptible change of heart, and the possible redemption of an alien colonizer await you in this fresh edition of Scribble. Thank you for reading.

Jae Worthy Johnson


AHREEDA RYTER’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Epiphany, The Decadent Review, The Bookends Review, Revolute, The Roadrunner Review, Eleutheria, LAMP, and other places. Ahreeda teaches at Central Virginia Community College and is the Poetry Editor of Polis Journal of Literature and Art.


PETER ARSCOTT was born in Peru, went to school in England and later moved to Barcelona where he worked as a teacher and artist. He lives in Herefordshire and has an art and ceramics studio in Ledbury.


ANDY MCQUESTIN is a Tasmanian living in Melbourne, Australia. Most of his published work is fiction that distorts reality to examine how people interact with each other and the environment. His work was recently accepted for publication in Overland, ISLAND, Right Now, SIAMB!, Hyades Magazine and Hawai'i Pacific Review, among others. With his young daughter, Andy hosts Wolf & Cub Review, a podcast for young and old readers alike.

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