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In this month of September, 2022, we embark on the fifth year of Scribble. Thank you for your loyal readership.

This collection contains poignant stories ripe for the act of reflection. A man struggles to communicate to his therapist the heavy weight of familial and tribal trauma; a school guidance counselor irrevocably "straightens out" a rebellious student; one finds comfort in the "snow" of an old television; and, in the ledger book of his relationship, one finds himself in the red.

Enjoy, and thank you for reading!

Jae Worthy Johnson


JAKE ARROWTOP is an alumni of the University of Montana's Creative Writing department. He teaches ELA on the Blackfeet reservation in Montana where he was born and raised. He strives to write culturally relevant stories that reflect his Blackfeet heritage and the beautiful place he calls home.


SAM ALEKS is an Armenian-born, American artist/writer living in Los Angeles, CA. Sam earned an MA in English from CSU, Northridge in 2018. His recent writing was featured in The Abstract Elephant Magazine LLC and The RAR Summer 2020 Issue.


NEIL CARTER is a writer from Louisville, Kentucky. He is passionate about creating stories from new angles and perspectives — zooming in on interesting facts that may have fallen through the cracks. Neil studied English at the University of Louisville.


HANTIAN ZHANG is a writer living in San Francisco, with work published in Eclectica Magazine, The Offing, Manifest-Station, and elsewhere. He is a data scientist by day.

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